Erectile Dysfunction Clinic Reviews

Primewave Testimonials

  • Being able to talk and joke a bit made the process more comfortable, but the staff is very professional.  I'm 54 and my wife and I haven't had sex for ages and now we can!
    Steve, Oxnard Primewave Patient
  • I'm 58 and was nervous/embarrassed about getting treatment.  Your staff was friendly and respectful.  They never made me uncomfortable.  Great experience. Thank you!
    Ken, Camarillo Primewave Patient
  • I'm 69 and thank you for giving me my sex life back.  Visiting your clinic was the best choice I've ever made!  I only wish I had known about it years ago.
    Ron, Rosedale Primewave Patient
  • I'm 62 and it's been 3 years since I was able to get and maintain an erection.  I was nervous and embarrassed about getting treatment.  Your all male staff made me feel comfortable and the treatment started working after the first few visits!

    Mike, North Hollywood Primewave Patient
  • I am beyond thrilled that I am showing results after two treatments.  Just had my third treatment today.  The guys at Trident are friendly and professional.  Thank you for giving me my sex life back.  I am so happy to be a success story!

    Andy, Agoura Hills Primewave Patient
  • I’m 60 years old and have tried everything to get an erection.  Nothing worked until I came here.  Great staff.  Excellent results!

    Scott, Northridge Primewave Patient
  • I’ve had ED for years. Nothing really worked that well. I’d never even heard of acoustic sound waves until Trident Health Group. I feel so much better. I can’t say enough about the guys at Trident Health. If you have ED I would definitely recommend them.

    Marcell J Primewave Patient
  • I work out, eat healthy, so never thought I would get ED. Age hits us all though I guess. I saw a newspaper ad for Trident and they made the whole experience very easy. I did 12x treatments and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

    Julio R Primewave Patient
  • I tried pills for a while, but it was just a short term fix. This treatment lasts. I feel good. I’ve got confidence again.

    Mike S Primewave Patient
  • Very glad I called Trident Health Group. I’m happy and I KNOW my wife’s happy.

    Peter J Primewave Patient
  • I’ve noticed improvements during the break, stiffness and sensitivity. The treatment is successful.

    Larry, 61 Primewave Patient
  • I’m noticing erections last longer and seem thicker.

    Scott, 51 Primewave Patient
  • I got a spontaneous penetrable erection for first time in years and the wife asked if I had taken a pill and I hadn’t. Definitely making progress. Overall, I'm seeing good improvements.

    Dave, 73 Primewave Patient
  • I’m very happy with results so far, more general fullness, better erections and more often.

    Dale, 58 Primewave Patient
  • I’m now getting spontaneous erections and is relying less on viagra. Now, I’m relying even less on Viagra and getting some without it at all.

    Chris, 38 Primewave Patient
  • I had intercourse with my wife for the first time in a long time and was able to maintain an adequate erection for a little while. My wife said she thinks my erections are improving in hardness. I’ve seen an improvement in all areas related to ED.

    Terrance, 61 Primewave Patient
  • The sides of my penis are now thicker and erections are harder/fuller.

    Rafael, 50 Primewave Patient
  • It’s more responsive, it grows faster and got an erection that was able to penetrate with.

    Eric, 80 Primewave Patient
  • Seems to become a little fuller, I seeing improvements and having fun.

    Frank, 90 Primewave Patient
  • Having more fuller erections

    Wayne, 62 Primewave Patient
  • Feels about 80-90% overall

    Ron, 71 Primewave Patient
  • No longer needing to use pills to get erections…

    Chris, 56 Primewave Patient
  • Got several erections including vaginal penetration and ejaculation

    Randy, 66 Primewave Patient
  • Feels like I’m thicker/fuller down there

    Jim, 51 Primewave Patient

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