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Primewave Testimonials

  • Felt professionally welcome.  Staff was extremely respectful, knowledgeable and open.  Totally felt at ease and looked forward to the treatments - all treatments were given with results with improvement seen after each treatment.  Made the right choice to seek out Trident Health Group.  I'm 74, wish I had done it earlier.  Results superb - made me feel confident in my sex life.  No one should feel embarrassed over ED.  Just address it - openly.  Trident turned my sex life around.  My wife and I are extremely happy.

    Bob, Thousand Oaks
  • Having tried just about everything - pills, injectibles, pellets, lotions, herbals - I was about to give up.  Having ED was not only difficult for me, but also my partner.  Depressing and avoiding "those" moments.  After visiting Trident I am seeing remarkable results.  I was skeptical at first because I could not understand why my urologist had never recommended this to me, but then it all makes sense given our medical/Rx world.  After just a few visits I was starting to come alive again and now I'm in a much better frame of mind with bolstered confidence and ability.  The entire team is very professional and always makes you feel welcome.  The technician makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed.  I am thrilled to see so many people enjoying the benefits of this simple and painless technology.  Thank you Trident!

    Gary, Hollywood
  • I was very pleased with my first experience at Trident, from the administrative team to the doctor and clinician.  Everyone took the time needed to explain the treatment and never made me feel rushed.  I really hope I can have great results.

    Gary, Hollywood
  • A few doctors told me I was just too old for sex.  I'm 82.  I'm happy to say you proved them wrong.  Thank you.

    Larry, Tarzana
  • I’m 77 years old.  I went to two different doctors and none of them could help me, just pills or injections.  You’ve changed my life.  When you become a patient of Trident (when, not if) you know you made the right decision.

    Jim, Calabasas
  • At 69 years old and almost 10 years without an erection I didn't think anything could help me.  The Primewave protocol really does work!!

    Kang, Los Angeles
  • Thank you so much, you guys have been great.  Thank you for always handling my lateness.  The job you do has been fantastic.

    Chris, Thousand Oaks
  • I’ve tried just about everything.  I didn’t understand why my urologist wouldn’t recommend this and said the best thing was a prescription.  They sure proved him wrong!  Felt different after three treatments and six gave me the results I had hoped for.  More people should try this painless technology and get away from pharma!!!

    James, Ventura
  • Being able to talk and joke a bit made the process more comfortable, but the staff is very professional.  I'm 54 and my wife and I haven't had sex for ages and now we can!

    Steve, Oxnard Primewave Patient
  • I'm 58 and was nervous/embarrassed about getting treatment.  Your staff was friendly and respectful.  They never made me uncomfortable.  Great experience. Thank you!

    Ken, Camarillo Primewave Patient
  • I'm 69 and thank you for giving me my sex life back.  Visiting your clinic was the best choice I've ever made!  I only wish I had known about it years ago.

    Ron, Rosedale Primewave Patient
  • I'm 62 and it's been 3 years since I was able to get and maintain an erection.  I was nervous and embarrassed about getting treatment.  Your all male staff made me feel comfortable and the treatment started working after the first few visits!

    Mike, North Hollywood Primewave Patient

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