Peyronie’s Disease & Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Peyronie’s disease occurs when there is a curvature, bend or deformity on the penis containing excess scar tissue. In most cases, this condition usually results in a very painful erection. At Trident Health Group, our doctors specialize in corrective therapies that remove the excess scar tissue seen in Peyronie’s disease. To explore your treatment options, call today or book an appointment online.

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Peyronie’s Disease & Erectile Dysfunction Q & A

What is Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease is an inflammatory condition distinguished by a buildup of scar tissue that causes your penis to curve or bend. This curvature makes it too painful to sustain an erection during sexual activity.

Most men have some penile curvature, which is entirely normal, but Peyronie’s causes your penis to bend severely in one direction and causes pain. Your penis will be completely bent when you have a full erection. In some cases, Peyronie’s deforms your penis so much that sexual intercourse is not even possible.

What causes Peyronie’s disease?

The exact cause of Peyronie’s is unknown. Researchers believe that it occurs due to a recurring injury to your penis. The injury provokes your penis to generate scar tissue which builds up causing this disease.

During a normal erection, the elastic tissues in your penis expands and the blood vessels fill up and expand. With Peyronie’s disease, the portion of your penis with scar tissue is unable to stretch properly and your penis curves or bends drastically.

A few Peyronie’s disease sufferers did not suffer from an injury and did have high cholesterol, diabetes, or other underlying conditions that contribute to artery obstruction.

What are the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease?

Irregularities, bending, and curvatures of the penis are the main symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. Other symptoms are decreased erections, shortening of the penis, and complete loss of an erection during intercourse. The symptoms of Peyronie’s disease often lead to depression, anxiety and stress.

What treatments are available for Peyronie’s disease?

The doctors at Trident Health Group are exclusive and experienced providers of our Acoustic Wave Therapy Protocol in our Encino office in the West Valley Medical Center.

Our AWT Protocol is a noninvasive, pain-free and proven method for eliminating penile scar tissue. Without the scar tissue, your penis is able to fully perform and you are able to have a normal and firm erectile function.

If you’re in pain or embarrassed when you have an erection because of the symptoms associated with Peyronie’s disease, turn to the expert team at Trident Health Group. Call for a consultation or book your appointment online today.

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